Office Cleaning St Louis


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a cancellation clause for termination of cleaning contract?

No - we let our last cleaning speak for itself

Are your employees insured and properly background checked?

Absolutely and Pete and Elizabeth work directly training each of our employees for months before "marrying" them to an account. We feel our employees perform best where they get to know your staff and build relationships and are solely accountable for their buildings appearance. Our system has served us and our clients well for ten years.

Do you perform carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, inside and outside window washing, tile and grout cleaning as well as strip and wax services?

Yes, if you are a regular general office cleaning customer. We rarely perform one-time specialty cleanings unless it is set up for quarterly cleaning maintenance i.e. four times a year we will clean your carpets with an annual carpet cleaning contract.

Do you perform day cleaning services for clients or are you strictly an after-hours service provider?

We do not perform day- cleaning services at this time. When we have tried it in the past it takes our staff twice as long due to client employees needing silence for phone calls and meetings and puts the clients employees and patrons at risk for slip/trip/fall hazards from wet floors and vacuum cords.

Can we really customize our cleaning services with Prime?

Absolutely! If you do not feel you need nightly vacuuming or if you are not concerned with hand wiped baseboards these items can be removed from your service which will effect our time-on-site (TOS). You are billed according to our TOS in your facility cleaning.

How does weather effect our cleaning service?

In ten years due to severe snow and ice we have postponed only two clients cleaning services by one day. We do not feel it is wise to risk our employees lives or their vehicles and all of our clients received service the very next day.

Do you clean on federal holidays if our usual service falls on one?

No - we strongly feel our employees need time with their friends and family to enjoy the holidays. Your usual service will occur on your next usual service date. If this is unacceptable we require two weeks notice.

How do you bill?

We bill monthly and all invoices are mailed out on the next-to-last Monday of each month for that month's service.

Do you provide all consumables such as: toilet tissue, paper towels, hand soap, dish soap, dish-washing detergent, and waste can liners?

We can and provide nearly half of our clients with this service to free up their time. These items are inventoried monthly and brought to you by our firm and each item is billed on your monthly invoice.