Office Cleaning St Louis

About Prime Cleaning Solutions

Founded in 2007 by Peter McNees, Prime Cleaning Solutions is a locally owned, full-service cleaning company that proudly serves businesses of all sizes throughout the St Louis area. We offer clients a complete range of cleaning services including office cleaning, janitor services, and commercial cleaning, as well as, a variety of additional specialty cleanings. Here at Prime Cleaning, we've combined cutting-edge equipment, supplies and techniques with the cleaning industry's most meticulous hiring practices to ensure that our custodians have the knowledge and skill set to properly care for and clean St Louis businesses. With almost ten years of experience behind us, you can trust that we will thoroughly clean, prepare, and ensure your St Louis business office is spotless for you, your staff, and your clients.

The Prime Cleaning team is driven by our shared dedication to cleaning and maintaining St Louis business offices. We strive to turn your cleaning service issues into solutions. When you allow Prime Cleaning to handle your office cleaning needs, we will never require that you sign a contract that locks you into a 30, 60 or 90-day agreement to discontinue our services. If you feel that our work isn't up to par in any way, our team will do whatever it takes to repair the situation. When you're in need of reliable janitorial services, consistent cleaning, and quality materials, choose Prime Cleaning Solutions. We look forward to providing you with the absolute best cleaning service experience in St Louis.

To learn more about the cleaning services provided by Prime Cleaning Solutions or to get started on your free cleaning estimation, you can contact us by calling (314) 456-7775 or completing our online contact form.